Netflix as therapy

When my grandad was diagnosed with stage IV cancer three days after my 29th birthday, my Netflix subscription […]

“Actually, I’m not OK”

I’ve been meaning to write here for weeks. Since before Jo Cox. Before Brexit. Before news sites scrambled […]

An adventure is always worth having

So my daily posting challenge didn’t last as long as I initially proclaimed it would, but I’m proud […]

On burning diaries and why I still write

I really enjoyed Lena Dunham’s essay in Lenny last week, about rereading (and now publishing) excerpts from the […]

A room of my own

I’d never ordered room service before tonight. And even this first time, I deliberated for an age. Isn’t […]

Mum knows best

Today, I had a 5.20am wake-up call. I had a training run to fit in before work. And […]

On doing what I said I was going to do

It’s currently 10.44pm. Today I did the school run, spent three hours minuting a client meeting (exciting times, […]

“Real artists have day jobs.”

I am really into this interview with comedian, Sara Benincasa, in which she says: “Many artists have day […]