I’m Rebecca Hunter – a writer who enjoys selfies…


…even if my mum doesn’t.


I think deeply and feel everything. I like clicking my fingers at poetic wordplay and eating ackee as I watch the world go by. I like playing DJ in my bedroom and dancing sober to hip-hop in naff east London clubs. And I like my adopted city. A lot. I relocated to London at the age of 26 and it stole my heart. People say it was a bold move. I just decided to make myself happy.

I created this blog in 2014 because, in short, I like and am a lot of things. And trying to fit all of those things into the bio section of any online profile is a task-and-a-half. There’s more to me than I can really condense into one character-limited list. There’s more to all of us, really.

Plus, as I hurtle through my years at a bewildering speed (and choose to focus on the overwhelming excitement I feel at getting to LIVE MORE LIFE over my acute awareness that I’ve no mortgage, kids, husband or savings…), I’m realising that I don’t entirely know who I am – and probably never will. I’m learning new things every day about this wonky, wonderful world and the space I take up in it. My writing here is my attempt to make some sense of all that.

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    1. Well, this is why you should be on Facebook, dad ;)

      Roll on Christmas, indeed! I’m gonna try and get up there for as long as I can. Love you and miss you very much. x

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