Mum knows best

Today, I had a 5.20am wake-up call. I had a training run to fit in before work. And I woke feeling utterly exhausted. A bad mood was lingering and on my run, my legs felt leaden, protesting against what I was willing them to do.

In short, I was feeling nothing but sorry for myself and wanted only to crawl back in bed and sleep for a day. And maybe a night. And maybe then a whole extra day, too. I was tired, basically. And tiredness does not a happy Becca make.

But then I text my mum. Told her I was low. And her reply?

“You’re doing great.”

Three simple words that made me smile from my very insides.

I then listened to Drake (loudly) on my drive to work. Wrote two articles for a client. Pulled off an awesome social media campaign for another – and genuinely felt SO excited and as if my work is actually pretty cool.

I wore sunglasses. Met a friend for coffee and talked about work – and then not work, too (my GOSH, so refreshing!). Spoke to my brother on the phone. Watched Girls. Got Chinese food. Am about to have a bath.

Today turned out quite nicely in the end. And all because I told someone I was feeling crap. And then listened to what they said in return.

I’m not going to tell myself I’m doing great in a moment when tiredness is clouding my judgement. But I can choose to allow it when someone else says it to me. Even (or especially) when that someone happens to be my mum. <3